Application for Work Permit for a foreign domestic worker (FDW)

  • Guide first-time employer for Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP).
  • Apply for a work permit for employment of a FDW on employer’s behalf.
  • Arrange for medical insurance, $5,000.00 security bond, embassy security bond (if applicable).
  • Submit document to the relevant embassy for endorsement.
  • Send document to relevant supplying country for endorsement.
  • Meeting the FDW at the Singapore airport.
  • Sending the FDW for the mandatory medical examination in Singapore.
  • Enrol first- time FDW for settling-in-programme.
  • Sending the FDW for thumbprint of work permit card.
  • Orientation of FDW before deployment to employer.

Renewal of Passport

  • We renew expiring passports of Filipino and Indonesian FDW. Our services includes the preparation of document for the relevant embassy’s endorsement. For Indonesian FDW, our service includes pick up and return of the FDW after the FDW’s thumbprint and interview at the Indonesian embassy.

Home Leave Processing

  • Filipino and Indonesian FDW going on home leave must process papers for home leave in Singapore before departing, to facilitate a hassle-free return from their countries of origin to Singapore.

    Our service for home leave processing includes guidance or application for waiver of foreign workers’ levy. We also assist employers with the purchase of return tickets.

Renewal of Work Permit

  • We assist with application for a new medical insurance coverage, arrange a new banker’s guarantee for the $5,000 security bond, renew work permit on time and collect the new work permit card on behalf of the employer.

Cancellation of Work Permit

  • Aside from cancelling work permit on behalf of the employer, we also assist in the purchase of air ticket, surrender of work permit card to MOM and arrange transport to the airport, if so required by the employer.

Direct Hire Deployment

  • Direct hire is defined as an independent FDW who is not registered with any supplying agents of the Singapore employment agency. Most times, the direct hire FDW is known personally to the employer, or someone recommended by a friend or another FDW to the Singapore employer.

    In such instance, we provide services to apply for a work permit for the direct hire applicant, subject to Maid-Power’s terms and conditions. Such service includes communication with the direct hire FDW and guiding her through the application process, until her arrival in Singapore.

    Our direct hire service ensures the departing FDW complies fully with their countries’ employment requirements and at the same time, gives the Singapore employer peace of mind that the FDW will arrive timely and properly in Singapore.

Local Transfer

  • Local transfer is defined as a private transfer of employment of a consenting FDW from one family member to another or between two employers, known to each other.

    Aside from application for a work permit for the transfer, Maid-Power also advise both employers on the formalities and co-ordinates documentation between the two employers.


  • All employers are free to call us during office hours for advice on FDW issues. Our experienced staff will be more than willing to assist you.

Complimentary Service

  • Employers who will be out of town for a short period time and are leaving their first-time FDW alone at home, can call our office to request for regular communication with the FDW whilst they are away.